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NMAT by GMAC™ Exam Terms & Conditions

About the Test

  • The NMAT by GMAC™ exam is owned by Graduate Management Global Connection (India) Private Limited (GMGC), which is a subsidiary of Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC). The exam is administered by NCS Pearson, Inc. (Pearson VUE) in various countries, and by MeritTrac Services Pvt. Ltd. (MeritTrac) in the Philippines.
  • The NMAT by GMAC™ exam is computer adaptive and gives each candidate a randomly generated test from a pool of questions, delivered one-at-a-time. The number of questions, difficulty levels, and the time limit for each of the sections is predetermined and, under normal administration conditions, are the same regardless of when and where the test is administered. Candidates have a choice of selecting the order/sequence of the test sections.
  • The NMAT by GMAC exam has three sections – Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning.
  • The three sections of the NMAT by GMAC exam are individually timed. Test takers must answer questions of each section within the allotted time.
  • The NMAT by GMAC exam is a 2-hour test containing multiple choice questions. Prior to the start of the test, there will be a 2-minute period for the test taker to agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement, a 10-minute tutorial and a 3-minute period for section selection and sequencing.
  • Sections
  • No. of Questions 
  • Time (Minutes)
  • Score Range
  • Language Skills
  • 36 
  • 28
  • 0-120
  • Quantitative Skills
  • 36 
  • 52
  • 0-120
  • Logical Reasoning
  • 36 
  • 40
  • 0-120
  • Total
  • 108 
  • 120
  • 0-360

NO ABILITY TO RETURN TO A SECTION AFTER LEAVING IT: Test takers need to answer the questions of each section within the allotted section time. Once the test taker completes a section, whether the test taker selects to move to the next section or if time runs out, the test taker will not be able to return to that section.

NO CARRYOVER OF TIME:  Test takers cannot add the remaining time of one section to other sections. If a test taker completes answering and reviewing a section before the allotted section time expires, the test taker may choose either to revise their answers in the section or move to the next section, but the balance time cannot be added on to the next section’s allotted time.

Online Registration

  • Test takers can register for the NMAT by GMAC exam through an online registration process available on the website during the registration period mentioned on the website. Test takers can also register through any of the following options:

    GMGC shall not accept registrations from test takers in any mode or form, other than the ones mentioned above.

    • Facebook account;
    • Google account; 
  • Test takers need to upload a photograph as part of the registration process based on the following specifications:

    GMGC shall not accept registrations from test takers in any mode or form, other than the ones mentioned above.

    • Photograph should be in one of these formats: JPG, PNG, GIF.
    • No landscaped or rotated pictures are allowed
    • Photo should have either white or lightly colored background.
    • Eyes should be open and clearly visible.
    • Test taker face should be distinctly visible, straight and at the centre. Shoulder tops should be also clear on the photo.
    • Photograph should not be more than 6 months old.
    • Following photographs are not acceptable and are liable to get rejected:
      • Facebook photos and/or photos not having the above mentioned specifications of size.
      • Photos in which the test administration staff cannot sufficiently authenticate your identity.
      • Photos with a dark color background.
    • Test takers need to confirm their email ID before initiating their registration. Confirmation of completed registration and payment will be sent by email on the confirmed email ID only. GMGC shall not be held responsible for non-receipt of confirmation or returned e-mail.
    • Test takers certify that they are taking the NMAT exam for a valid educational or legal purpose and agree to comply with and be bound by the NMAT Terms of Use, including the confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the test taker to ascertain whether he/she possesses the necessary and requisite qualifications for applying to the programs offered by various universities. Test takers will need to confirm that they understand the eligibility criteria before submitting their application form. GMGC shall not be held responsible for any concerns arising out of mismatch of qualifications.
  • Registration applications submitted without the proper notified registration fee, or with insufficient or incorrect details, no photos or photos not matching the criteria mentioned above, or payment received beyond the specified closing time and date for submitting the registration application, will be rejected and GMGC shall not entertain any queries with respect to the same.
  • Test takers in South Africa and Nigeria shall be entitled to cancel without reason and without penalty their registration subject to section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 and as further described below.
  • Test takers need to ensure that the information submitted by them is correct and true in all respects. If any information is found to be incorrect or false at a later date, GMGC reserves the right to prevent the test taker from taking the test and/or cancel the test score. In the event of the prohibition to test or cancellation of the score due to furnishing of incorrect/false information, the test registration fee will not be refunded.
  • There is no provision for on-the- spot registration for the NMAT by GMAC™ at the test centers. Test takers will have to follow the prescribed registration process published on this website during the published registration dates.
  • Test takers are not allowed to make duplicate/multiple registrations. Test registration is liable to be rejected and test fee forfeited if the test taker registers multiple times and/or has taken the test under different registration numbers. This also applies to test takers applying to various programs offered by NMAT by GMAC™ accepting schools.
  • Test takers will be able to edit only certain fields like School Selection and Additional Preference in their registration form after submitting the registration fee. Test takers are advised to check the information entered in the online registration form very carefully while registering and once again before submitting the registration as they will not be allowed to make any changes after submission.
  • The registration for the test is considered valid only if online submission is fully completed by the test taker, accepted by GMGC and the registration fee is received by GMGC by the posted due dates. Registrations for which the registration fee is not received in time will be rejected.
  • NMAT by GMAC exam scores are accepted by several universities and business schools. Visit to view the most current list of universities and business schools that accept the NMAT by GMAC exam scores.

Registration Fees

  1. To register for the NMAT by GMAC™ test, test takers must pay the relevant registration fee as specified on the website. Payment for test fee will be accepted by international credit cards...
  2. GMGC shall not be held liable for late or non-delivery of any material or information sent by it through e- mail or regular mail.

Refund Policy

  1. A candidate registering for the NMAT by GMAC exam may cancel within seven (7) days after the date of their test registration and receipt of full payment to the extent the NMAT by GMAC exam has not yet been taken by such candidate. Refunds of the registration fee will be provided within 30 days of the date of cancellation. For any cancellation after this 7-day period or in the event that the NMAT by GMAC exam has been taken by such candidate, a refund will not be provided.
  2. It is the responsibility of the test taker to understand the eligibility requirements of all the universities and schools to which he/she is interested in applying before registering for NMAT by GMAC exam. If the test taker registers for the test and then determine that he/she is ineligible for admission to the desired program, no test fee refund will be made after the period indicated above. For the eligibility requirements, test takers are advised to check the websites of each university and school where they plan to apply.

Forfeit of Test Fee

Test takers will forfeit their registration fee if they:

  1. Make multiple registrations
  2. Appear for test under multiple registrations
  3. Cancel their registration outside the cooling-off period stipulated in section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002
  4. Do not schedule a test
  5. Cancel their scheduled test except as provided herein
  6. Do not appear for their scheduled test
  7. Provide false disability information. Additionally, such candidates shall be barred from taking the test. GMGC reserves the right to lodge a complaint with the police authorities against such test takers.

Test takers will also forfeit their registration fee (and may be subject to additional actions) if they:

  • Are not allowed to complete a scheduled test because of improper conduct before or during testing
  • Provide false information to GMGC when registering for or taking the exam
  • Fail to comply with other policies or procedures for which non-compliance can result in fee forfeiture


  1. Test takers can schedule their exam after they have submitted their completed registration and paid the applicable fees. Only test takers whose registrations and fees have been submitted by the stipulated deadlines will be entitled to take the NMAT by GMAC exam and schedule a testing date.
  2. After the submission of registration form, test takers can schedule their exam and make payment through the exam scheduling tab available in the registration system. Test takers should schedule their test as soon as the scheduling section is activated as seats will be available on a 'First come, First serve' basis.
  3. Test takers will be required to schedule their test on their own by following the instructions available on . A test taker can schedule only one test attempt at a time.
  4. Test takers will be able to choose their preferred date, time (slot) and centre based on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, test takers are advised to register themselves at the earliest to be able to schedule their test on their preferred date, time (slot) and centre. Test takers may not get their preferred date, time slot and centre if other test takers have already taken up the available seats for a particular date, time slot and centre.
  5. The NMAT by GMAC exam will be offered at the centres specified at the website from time to time. GMGC reserves the right to withdraw an existing test centre or add one or more new test centres at any time. If a test centre is withdrawn after a candidate has scheduled his/her test at that centre, GMGC will contact the candidate and allow the candidate to reschedule the test at another test centre without any additional fee for the rescheduling.
  6. Test takers who registered online within the registration window also need to schedule their exam online within the scheduling window mentioned on the website.
  7. Test takers will be allowed to schedule their test any time during the scheduling window (subjected to real time availability) for any slot which is a minimum of 24 hours later than the time that they carry out scheduling transaction in the system.
  8. Test takers are not required to make any extra payment for scheduling their test..
  9. Test takers will receive the confirmation e-mail from GMGC’s test delivery vendor after scheduling the test. The confirmation will provide the test centre name and address, the test date, and the start time of the test.
  10. Neither GMGC nor its test delivery vendors are responsible for any non-receipt of confirmation e-mails due to incorrect e-mail addresses being entered by the applicant or due to any technical problems with receipt of e-mail. Test takers who do not receive their confirmation e-mails within 24 hours of scheduling a test should call the applicable scheduling and rescheduling helpdesk number of the applicable test delivery vendor (Pearson VUE or MeritTrac, as the case may be), or send an email to the appropriate support desk, as provided at the beginning of these terms and conditions and on
  11. Test takers not appearing for their scheduled test will be marked "No Show" for the attempt.

Differently Abled Test Takers

Some individuals are not able to take the NMAT by GMAC exam in the standard manner because they have one or more disabilities. To ensure that all test takers can test in a fair manner, GMGC makes reasonable testing accommodations available to test takers whose supporting documentation confirms their impairment(s), the extent of their resulting limitations, and their need for accommodations on the exam.

The purpose of test accommodations is to prevent a test taker’s impairment from having an inappropriate impact on the test taker’s performance. Accommodations are not intended as a way to maximize scores, beyond ensuring a level playing field for all examinees.

For information regarding how you can request accommodations, go to the website. Please select the country in which you will be testing using the drop-down menu at the top of the home page. Then go the link for “Test Takers” and click on the “Test Takers with Disabilities” link. The information provided there is deemed part of these terms and conditions.

We will review all requests for accommodations on a case-by-case basis, to determine what supports, exam modifications, or other accommodations, if any, are reasonable and appropriate within the context of the NMAT by GMAC exam. All requests for accommodations must be made at the time of registration. Be sure to review our guidelines and submit accommodation requests well in advance of your desired exam date, to allow us sufficient time to review your materials and make appropriate arrangements for your exam.

Disabilities for which accommodations can be provided include:

  • Physical and systemic disabilities
  • Sensory disabilities (vision and hearing)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Other disabilities

Special arrangements that may be provided include:

  • Extra testing time
  • Additional or extended rest breaks
  • Enlarged fonts
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Allowance of a medical device in the testing room (inhaler, glucose monitor)
  • Permission to bring your own reader and/or scribe into the testing room to address visual disability (subject to our approval)

Permission to bring your own personal care assistant (PCA) into the testing room to address physical disability (subject to our approval)


NMAT by GMAC exam scaled scores by section and test total scaled score will be made available in the candidate’s NMAT by GMAC exam account within the timeline mentioned on website after the successful delivery of the exam. Questions in the NMAT by GMAC exam are selected from the question pool for each examinee based on his or her performance on the questions previously answered. The questions a candidate receives are targeted at his or her ability level; therefore, a high-scoring candidate generally receives a more difficult sample of questions than a low-scoring candidate. The NMAT by GMAC exam is scored by first obtaining the candidate’s final ability estimate based on the probabilistic model approach of modern test theory, and then transformed to a scaled score ranging from 0 to 120.

Day of the Test Instructions

Test takers are required to reach the test centre 45 minutes before the scheduled time of their test and, at the discretion of the test administrator, might not be admitted if they fail to do so. No requests for exceptions will be entertained if the test administrator concludes that a tardy test taker will not be permitted to test.

The test centre may not be air conditioned but a comfortable environment will be provided. Dress comfortably in all events.

Persons accompanying the test taker will not be allowed into the test premises and no waiting area will be provided.

The test taker must bring the following to the test centre on the day of the test, without which the test taker will not be allowed to take the test:

  1. Confirmation e-mail can be shown on your mobile  or as a printout
  2. Admit Card (test takers can download their Admit Card from the registration site after authentication of their payment)
  3. Any other document as advised by GMGC for candidates with disabilities
  4. One valid and original proof from the list of approved IDs

The Photo ID must contain the test taker’s name and photo

  • Present one of the following forms of government-issued identification when you arrive at the test center:
  1. International Travel Passport (Required if you are outside your country of citizenship.)
  2. Government-issued driver’s license
  3. Government-issued national/state/province identity card
  4. Military ID card

Please note: Renewal papers do not make an expired International Travel Passport Valid

The ID must:

  • Be current (not expired) and legible
  • Bear your name in the Roman alphabet exactly as you provided when you registered for the test
  • Including the order and placement of the names.
  • Have date of birth match exactly the date provided when you registered for the test
  • Include a recent, recognizable photograph and your signature and date of birth.

If you cannot provide one form of ID that includes all five (5) of these, you will be required to present a second ID also from the list that includes the missing element(s).

  • Any other document as advised by GMGC for differently abled candidates.
  1. Test takers who are unable to produce the above forms of valid ID (non–expired and in original) and admit card on the day of the test will not be admitted into the testing room and will not be offered a test fee refund.
  2. The test supervisor will admit the test taker after completing the following steps:
    • Check the test taker’s confirmation e-mail on mobile or print out
    • Check the admit card
    • Check the photo ID 
    • Take a digital photo
    • Obtain the test taker’s signature
  3. The test administrator/test invigilator (the “invigilator”) will sign the admit card at the designated place and put the company seal as a confirmation of the test taker reporting to take the test.
  4. The invigilator will then guide the test taker to the computer where the test taker will be seated to take the test.
  5. Test takers will be provided with writing material at the test centre and are not allowed to carry anything with them except their IDs, admit card and confirmation email printout.
  6. Test takers will be presented with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that they must accept in order to proceed with the test. If the test taker does not accept NDA deliberately or by mistake, he/she will not be able to proceed with the test and the test will end. The test taker will then not be able to resume the test that day under any circumstances. Test centre staff will not be able to do anything and the test taker will lose the test attempt as well as forfeit the test fee. Please read the NDA prior to registering.
  7. Test takers will be able to select the order of sections at the beginning of the test after accepting the NDA. If they do not choose the section order, the sections will appear as per the default section order.
  8. Each section contains several questions. The test taker must read the directions given for each group of questions in each section of the test carefully. If he/she skips the directions given for attempting the questions, he/she may miss the main idea and lose credit for some questions in that section.
  9. After finishing each section, test takers will be presented with the Review Screen where they will be able to review the questions they marked for review along with any other questions in that section. Test takers can review or change the answers for that section only. The review time is included in the total amount of time allowed for each section. After the section time is over, test takers will be automatically presented with the next section and they will not be able to return to the previous section.
  10. After the test is over, test takers are required to remain seated until the invigilator closes the test window and allows the test takers to leave the test area.
  11. Test takers will be required to return the writing material to the test centre after finishing the test

Instructions for Test Takers

  1. Test takers will be required to produce non-expired identifications (in original) which have a recognizable photograph and signature.
  2. Test takers, in addition to the IDs, will be required to produce the confirmation e-mail (either on mobile or a printout), photocopy of the original photo ID and the admit card printout.
  3. Persons accompanying the test taker will not be allowed into the test premises and no waiting area will be provided.
  4. Test takers must adhere to the latest version of these NMAT by GMAC™ Exam Terms and Conditions, policies, rules and regulations which are available at the website.
  5. Invigilators have the right to exclude test takers who fail to follow the test centre rules and procedures.
  6. Invigilators will not be expected to provide or collect any test registration from test takers.
  7. Only pre-registered test takers with names appearing on the system and who have confirmation e-mail printouts, admit card printout and valid ID as required will be permitted to take NMAT by GMAC™ test.

Prohibited Items

  1. Test takers must not carry any articles such as beepers, pagers, stereos or radio, cell phones, calculators, watch calculators, books, pamphlets, notes, dictionaries, blank sheets of paper, personal items (cosmetics, lip balms, pain relievers, etc.), pens, firearms, etc., as only a confirmation e-mail printout, admit card and two valid IDs are required for the test. All other articles would have to be left outside the testing room at the test taker’s own risk.

Break Policy

  1. There are no scheduled breaks in the test. However, test takers can take as many unscheduled breaks as they want during the test session. The test clock does not stop during an unscheduled break. If a test taker chooses to take a break, the actual time he/she spends on the break will be deducted from the time allocated to complete the test.
  2. During the break, test takers must leave the testing room. Test takers are required to remain in the test centre building and in close proximity to the testing room. If the test takers violate this break policy, the invigilator may refuse to allow them to re-enter the testing room and continue the test. Upon re-entering the testing room, they must show a valid (non–expired and in original) ID.
  3. Test takers will not be allowed to access any personal belongings, including study material and mobile phones, during the break(s) they take. With permission from the invigilator, test takers will be allowed to access food or medicines.

Instructions for Answering Questions

  1. Test takers must read the instructions given in the questions carefully.
  2. Test takers must choose one of the answers by clicking the appropriate radio button on their test screen.
  3. Test takers can mark questions for review and come back to them after completion of the section through the Review Screen. Test takers will not be able to review the question from a previous section after the time for that particular section is over.
  4. GMGC will not entertain any request for re-evaluation of the test by any test taker.
  5. If a test taker has any questions regarding test content, questions or answer options, they are advised to continue with their test after informing their doubts related to the problem to the invigilator present at the test centre. The invigilator will take the appropriate action to inform the same to GMGC and/or the applicable test delivery vendor. The complaints will be reviewed and if found correct, GMGC and/or the applicable test delivery vendor will take appropriate action to address the same. No further communication will be entertained in this regard.


  1. Any attempt to impersonate, to copy answers from another test taker, to carry in the testing room any of the prohibited items or to indulge in any other malpractice during the test or while completing the registration will not only lead to immediate or later revocation of scores but may also lead to prosecution. Detection of any malpractice at any stage during or after the test is conducted may lead to disqualification and revocation of test scores by GMGC.
  2. Test takers are not allowed to communicate with anyone about the content of the NMAT by GMAC™ exam during the test, during any breaks, or after administration of the test. Removing or attempting to remove test content from the test centre is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may any part of the test content viewed during a test administration be removed, reproduced, and/or disclosed in any form by any means (verbally, in writing, or electronically) to any person or entity at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, discussing or disclosing such test content via text message; e-mail; in any internet “chat room” message board, or other forum; or otherwise. This disclosure prohibition applies before, during, and after any administration of the NMAT by GMAC exam.
  3. Should there be any event that affects the administration of a test to an individual or multiple test takers, test takers can raise concerns to the invigilator but are not allowed to protest or misbehave with the staff.
  4. Actions or activities that interfere with, or disturb other test takers, invigilator or other employees from operating the test centre in a quiet, safe and efficient manner are not allowed and may lead to disqualification and revocation of test scores.
  5. These NMAT by GMAC™ Exam Terms and Conditions cannot be overridden by verbal instructions by anyone including the invigilators unless issued in a writing from GMGC signed by a GMGC-authorized representative.
  • Your Privacy

    We respect your privacy and want to make sure that you understand how we will handle and use your personally identifiable information.

    The GMAC Privacy Statement sets forth our privacy policies regarding the collection, processing, use and transmission of your personally identifiable data to the United States and potentially other locations outside of the country in which you test, including any digital or other photograph and fingerprint(s); your signature; any audio or video recording made at the test centre; any medical information you provide in support of a request for testing accommodations; and your test results. The Privacy Statement also describes the disclosure of such data to GMGC and its service providers, and any score recipients that you select, and to others as may be necessary to prevent fraud or other unlawful or improper conduct or as required by law.

    The Privacy Statement can be found here.

    By registering for the exam, you are agreeing to be bound by the policies and procedures set forth in the applicable Privacy Statement. Therefore, it is important to read the Privacy Statement before you register.

    Your Experience

    In the unlikely event that an error occurs in the preparation, handling, processing, administration, or scoring of your NMAT by GMAC exam, or in the reporting of your NMAT by GMAC exam scores, GMGC and/or the applicable test delivery vendor will make reasonable efforts to correct the error.

    Should there be any event that affects the administration of a test to an individual or multiple test takers, test takers can raise concerns to the invigilator. Such issues may include but are not limited to: administrative errors (delayed starts, defective materials, or defective equipment); disruptions of test administrations (technical issues or natural disasters or illness, or other emergencies). When, in its sole judgment, it is appropriate to do so, GMGC and/or the applicable test delivery vendor will give affected test takers the opportunity to take the test again as soon as possible without charge.

    Dispute Resolution

    Except as provided below, any dispute between a test taker and GMGC and/or its test delivery provider relating to the NMAT by GMAC exam shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce by one arbitrator appointed in accordance with those Rules. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding, and each party shall be solely responsible for its own costs and expenses, including counsel fees. To avoid inconvenience to the parties and reduce expense, the arbitration shall be conducted based on written submissions to the arbitrator.

    Arbitration shall not be required, however, if a dispute involves any actual or threatened violation of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of GMGC or its test delivery provider, in which event GMGC and/or its test delivery provider may pursue all available civil or criminal remedies.