Prohibited Practices & Consequences of Non-compliance

The penalties for engaging in prohibited practices in relation to the NMAT by GMACTM exam are severe.

The following practices are prohibited:

  • Hiring someone to take the exam on your behalf
  • Taking the exam for someone else
  • Memorizing and sharing exam questions in any manner whatsoever
  • Copying, asking or sharing answers with others during or after the administration of the exam, in any manner whatsoever
  • Carrying any prohibited item to the testing room
  • Receiving, discussing or disclosing exam content via text message, e-mail, in any internet “chat room” message board, or any other forum, before, during (including the break time), and after any administration of the NMAT by GMACTM exam.

The penalties for engaging in prohibited practices are:

  • Cancellation of your scores
  • Ban on future testing
  • Notification to schools/universities accepting NMAT by GMACTM exam score
  • Damages for infringement of copyright
  • Legal prosecution