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You have 2 minutes to accept this Non-Disclosure Agreement and General Terms of Use (“NDA”). If you do not accept within 2 minutes, the exam will terminate and you will forfeit your exam fee.

Dear Candidate,

This exam is confidential. Graduate Management Global Connection (India) Private Limited (“GMGC”), a subsidiary of Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), and owner of the NMAT by GMAC™ exam, owns the rights to the intellectual property, copyright and trademarks used in providing the NMAT by GMAC exam, and these are protected by law. The exam is made available to you as a candidate, solely for the purpose of your assessment. You are expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting this exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means including visual, aural, verbal, written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, discussing or disclosing such exam content via text message, e-mail, in any internet “chat room” message board, or any other forum. This disclosure prohibition applies before, during, and after any administration of the NMAT by GMAC exam. The examination questions and answers are not released or available for viewing due to the secure nature of the examination and the process adopted by GMGC in establishing scoring.

This NDA shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country in which the exam is executed, without effect to any principles of conflict of laws. All disputes and claims between you and GMGC related to this Agreement shall be exclusively submitted to private arbitration in accordance with the following terms. Either party may refer a dispute related to this Agreement to private arbitration by notifying the other party in writing of its intention to do so (the Arbitration Notice). The parties shall endeavor to agree on the person to be appointed as arbitrator. Should the parties fail to agree to an arbitrator within 10 (ten) working days of receipt of the Arbitration Notice by the non-referring party, the arbitrator shall be appointed, at the written request of either party (which request shall be copied to the other party), by the director of TOKISO Dispute Resolution (Pty) Limited from time to time subject to the proviso that the arbitrator so appointed by the said director shall be a practicing attorney or advocate of not less than 10 (ten) years’ standing. Arbitrator’s decisions shall be final and binding on the parties. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the seat of arbitration shall be Gauteng, South Africa and shall be held in English. You must submit any legal notices to the attention of the General Counsel, Graduate Management Global Connection (India) Pvt. Ltd., 405, 4th Floor Suncity Business Tower, Sector 54, DLF Golf Course Road, Gurgaon – 122 002, India. Unless otherwise ordered by the arbitrator, the parties shall bear the costs of the arbitrator, the arbitration venue and the recording of the proceedings in equal proportions and shall otherwise be responsible for their own costs. The parties may agree any aspects of the procedure for the arbitration and, failing agreement, the arbitrator shall determine the procedure to be followed. The provisions of this section constitute an irrevocable consent by the parties to the arbitration proceedings provided for herein and neither of the parties shall be entitled to withdraw from the provisions of this section or claim at any such proceedings that it is not bound by this section or such proceedings; Nothing in this section shall prevent any party from obtaining urgent relief from any court of competent jurisdiction.

In order to proceed to your exam, you MUST accept the terms of this Non-Disclosure Agreement and General Terms of Use (NDA). Please see the exam Terms and Conditions for exam cancellation and refund information.

By signing below, you give GMGC, GMAC, Pearson VUE and their service providers permission to retain, process, store and transfer your personal information and any special personal information and audio and video recordings outside of South Africa to India, the United States and possibly other locations.

To proceed and accept these terms, select 'Yes, I accept' below.

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