Exam at the Test Centre:

On exam day, arrive at the Test Centre at least 45 minutes prior to your exam appointment. Due to COVID-19 pandemic test takers also need to mandatorily submit a health self-declaration at the test centre. This form will be provided to the test taker at the test centre.

Please bring the following documents with you:

  • Confirmation email (this can be shown on your mobile or taken as a printout)
  • Candidates are required to download their NMAT by GMACTM Admit Card from their NMAT by GMAC account.
  • Any other document as advised by NMAT by GMACTM exam for differently abled candidates.
  • One valid Photo ID and another Signature ID in original form must be presented from the list below for candidates taking exam at exam centres in India:
Taking Online Proctored Test at Home

Before starting the Test

  • Please ensure the following Rules are adhered Click here
  • Users can start an appointment 15 minutes prior to their appointment time
  • Login to your candidate dashboard and Click on the Start Exam button
  • Users will see an option to proceed and connect to the proctor and complete their ID verification process


  • First step shall be the authentication process where the Photo ID and Photograph will be checked
  • Additionally you will have to show your admit card, signature Id and confirmation email


  • You would have filled 3 security questions at the time of scheduling.
  • System will prompt the you to answer 1 of the security questions during your authentication process when you login to take the exam.
  • ExamiKnow You will have 3 attempts to answer the security question. If you do not answer the security question correctly in 3 attempts, you are given another security question from your profile with 3 attempts to answer it correctly.
  • Failure to answer the second security question in 3 attempts will result in an authentication failure and user will need a separate appointment to take the test.


  • You entered your first name and last name during scheduling
    • This is used as a validation process during exam. If user fails to successfully enter this information 3 times, a red flag is raised.
    • Note: No spaces or capital letters are to be used while entering this information. System will save the keystroke entry of the data that is entered.

You will be prompted to confirm user agreements and the exam rules prior to starting their test. You cannot proceed until you select “I agree” to the user agreements and the exam rules.

  • On agreement of the above rules you will have an option to “Begin Exam”